Health Care

Microsoft Access Database forHealth Care

We've been building databases for the health care industry for 20 years. These Access databases include counting deaths in hospitals, tracking memberships of Health Care providers, and tracking/improving the emergency time of response. Our clients in this industry include HealthAmerica, Bonsecours, University of Virginia, and Virginia Commonwealth University

Here are some clients we have helped in the Health Care industry:



Project Description

Epitome Systems Baltimore, MD Network Engineering Firm in Columbia, Maryland.

They subcontracted us to Fix an Access database for determining hospital emergency room time differentials for their client Bon Secours in Baltimore, MD.

This Access database was developed to track efficiency of the emergency room operation at Hospitals for Bon Secours. The various stages of a patient's visit are tracked and the minutes recorded for moving through each stage of the emergency room visit.

This database uses extensive Forms that have built to provide the quickest data entry possible for the user.


Our Process

  1. Discovery Conversation
  2. Agree to scope of work
  3. Test plan creation
  4. Iterative database development with client input
  5. Database rough draft delivery
  6. Database final implementation
  7. Database user documents
  8. Database developer documents