We at Data Control, LLC are proud of the custom database programming we have done in the Mid-Atlantic region. As our roots are in this region, having started in Richmond, Virginia, this has been one of our strongest regions for helping clients with all their database programming and maintenance needs. We have provided these excellent database services for the clients listed below, and we hope to continue doing so for many more years to come.

Here are some clients we have helped in the Mid-Atlantic region:



Project Description

Hercules Chemical - Franklin Franklin, Virginia Supported their Access Database
Greystone Toano, Virginia We built a Quality tracking database that imports text files from machinery and reports defects for this automotive part manufacturer
West Broad Hyundai Dealership Richmond, Virginia We've built an Access Database that imports lead data from a variety of sources, massages the data and reports it the way the dealership wants to see it.
Glave Firm, The Richmond, Virginia A NATIONALLY RECOGNIZED ARCHITECTURE, interior design, and planning firm, Glavé & Holmes Architecture was founded in 1965 in Richmond, Virginia. The firm of 60 architects, interior designers, historic preservationists, and supporting staff, maintains a diverse and integrated portfolio demonstrating expertise in numerous market areas, including Higher Education, Cultural, Civic, Hospitality, and Residential. Clients are provided with comprehensive services whether projects involve new buildings, additions to buildings, renovations, or adaptive reuse.
E.I. DuPont - Nashville Payment Center Richmond, Virginia Delivery of MS Project file including timeline. Delivery of Proposal for completion of project. Delivery of Data Description and Application Navigation Excel File.
Hercules Chemical Corporation Wilmington, Delaware Building Access Database program to track and report batch processing efficiency
Shaheen Law Group Richmond, Virginia Modifying existing Access database that performs document mangement for the firm.
Strategic Technology Systems Richmond, Virginia Strategic Technology Systems is a full service IT company that provides consulting and support to their clients that need hardware, networks, servers, etc. running smoothly for their companies. Adam Mears, owner of STS contacted me to build an Access database for his client, The Snead Company, a commercial window supplier to the commercial construction industry. This Access database is web enabled with a SQL Server back end. Additionally it interacts with Sharepoint, providing light document management services. The Snead Company creates proposals for their clients using this Access database and then tracks the progress of those proposals to winning status (or dead status).
Ryson Conveyor Yorktown, Virginia We were subcontracted to Ryson through our network engineering strategic partner Network Technologies and Solutions (NTS). Ryson's Chief Operating officer had been slowly putting together and Access Database to replace a series of complex Excel files in order to manage the process of building conveyor belts. We took over the Access database, enforced naming conventions, developed easy to use navigation forms and maintenance tables. Now this conveyor manufacturer has a backbone database application that provides completion timeline information to the engineering departments, the manufacturing departments, the finance departments and the sales department. A calendar is created for everyone to see. Huge printouts showing all current projects and the people needed to sign off are printed out and put up throughout the facility. We hope to replace these with direct feeds to monitors.
Clingman & Hanger Glen Allen, Virginia Build multiple access database for attorney firm. Firm specializes in bankruptcy management. This Richmond Virginia based attorney firm specializes on managing the bankruptcies of retail operations. The databases we built tracked the various claimants, their amounts, their claim types and more. We disbursed funds from this database.
B to B Solutions Richmond, Virginia Partner / Subcontract to build Access, SQL Server, .NET applications for their clients: Chemical Engineering client DuPont, their staffing client Apex Systems, Their health industry client Result Performance, and their insurance client Affinity Group Underwriters in Richmond, VA
Chemtreat Glen Allen, Virginia Fix Access database for water purification company. About Chemtreat: Headquartered in Richmond, Virginia, ChemTreat is one of the largest and fastest growing industrial water treatment companies in North and South America. Since 1968 our entrepreneurial spirit and emphasis on hiring the very best field engineers have driven our success as we continue to find new ways to demonstrate value for our customers. Dedicated to industrial water treatment, we offer world class products and process improvement services focused on building long term satisfaction and commitment. We help our customers save millions of dollars every year, enabling us to achieve unparalleled growth in the water treatment industry.
Bravo Wine Imports Harrisonburg, Virginia Bravo Imports Wine mostly from Italy and sells, through agents, to restaurants and markets including Kroger. This database application provides both a web page for entering orders as well as Quickbooks integration for creating invoices from those orders and updating current inventory and product lists. This is accomplished through an ODBC connection directly to Quickbooks. Agents and Items are managed through the Access database which communicates with the Website via MySQL connection (attached tables in the Access database). When Agents place orders, those order are viewed in the Access database, massaged and approved. Again through the use of attached MySQL tables. Bravo Wine is in Harrisonburg, Virginia. We provided the Microsoft Access help for this project
B to B - DuPont Richmond, Virginia SQL Server Admininstration Support
Atlantic Constructors, Inc. Richmond, Virginia Build a Microsoft Access database in Chesterfield Virginia to determine pricing for this Mechanical Engineering firm. Developing this Pricing Access database was critical for their operations. About Atlantic Constructors, Inc: ACI works across the spectrum of business and industry, from busy production facilities, power plants, and the many factories in the Mid-Atlantic, to commercial and government buildings, universities, hospitals and specialized laboratories. Our customers know we can be counted on not just to get the job done, but to get it done right, safe and on-time.
Chase, Inc - HVAC Richmond, Virginia Build Access database to track heating/air conditioning clients and deliveries and installations. This is a Mechanical Engineering Firm in Chesterfield, Virginia (a suburb of Richmond, Virginia). About Chase HVAC: Mike Burton has been with Chase, Inc. in Richmond since 1982 and is the sole owner. Unlike many heating/air and plumbing companies, at Chase, you will not be treated like “just another customer.” Chase strives to keep its “Mom and Pop” reputation in Richmond over the years. If you’d like to speak directly with Mike when you call, it’s no problem. He is never too busy to speak with you. Otherwise, our office staff is more than glad to take your call and schedule an appointment to meet your heating/air and plumbing needs. We appreciate your business and look forward to continuing to serve you and your family for many more years to come.
ACSG Washington, District of Columbia Subcontractor to Build Access Database for tracking contract information for their Military client: Air Force Bases in Washington DC. ACSG is a Federal Prime Vendor and they went after a military contract that desired Access databases to manage contracts for the military bases in DC. This Access database we developed was identical but rolled out separately to manage the contracts that each Air Force base currently had in existence.
American Mechanical Virginia Beach, Virginia Fix Access database. About American Mechanical: Our Virginia Beach climate is temperate for the most part, but it’s most enjoyed with the modern conveniences that we’ve become accustomed to, such as your heating and air conditioning, plumbing, and electrical systems. When either of these fail, you need fast and effective relief performed by professionals who actually know what they’re doing. American Mechanical is just that team. Our staff is comprised of Master Licensed Contractors and NATE Certified technicians with decades and decades of combined experience in the industry. We’re the organized and efficient answer you’ve been looking for to install, repair, and maintain any of your home or business’s most important features of operation. Our Virginia Beach technicians can deliver these services same-day and on
Networking Technologies and Support Yorktown, Virginia This Access database for a conveyor manufacturing company tracks is a project management database with multiple dates for the completion of manufacturing and engineering tasks with advanced calendaring.
Masonomics Richmond, Virginia Microsoft Access Database for a commercial mason that sends text messages, connects to SQL Server web database for mobile web pages, and retrieves Timberline project information for project resource scheduling. This is one of the most complex Access Databases we've built considering the number of integrations with other systems.
Blue Ridge Operations Harrisonburg, Virginia FTP integration with Access 2013. Blue Ridge creates orders and FTPs those orders to various warehouses including Amazon's warehouses to further process those orders. Blue Ridge is an import company that creates their own products, has them produced in China, imports those products to the United States and sells (mostly) through Amazon. This Access database is the central backbone for the company. It details all of the products, sales of those products, forecasts of the product sales, tracks current inventor levels etc. In addition to integrating with FTP software, this database has complex integration with Excel, both importing/massaging excel files as well as producing Excel files for both the company's internal personnel as well as the various warehouses used by the company. We provided the Microsoft Access training and documentation
MatlenSilver Group ltd. Richmond, Virginia Partner / Subcontracted to their Tobacco /Food Manufacturing Philip Morris (now Altria) for Manufacturing Training Tracking in Richond, VA. Matlen Silver is a staffing firm with a contract at Altria, the tobacco and food products giant. Altria desired to track which employees had what training in their plants and what certifications were going to expire. This Access database tracked that information and provided reports to help schedule future training of employees
Chase M. Adkins, Jr. CPA Richmond, Virginia We built an Access Database for Chase Adkins. Chase Adkins is located in Sandston, Virginia. This organization primarily operates in the Certified Public Accountant business / industry within the Engineering, Accounting, Research, and Management Services sector. This organization has been operating for approximately 27 years. Chase Adkins employs 1 people at this single location.
ActivSupport New York, New York Partner/Subcontractor to fix various Access, SQL Server, and Sharepoint Databases for their clients in Charlottesville, VA. Active Support needed an expert database company to support their clients without having to worry about the end results. Keeping their client happy was most important to ActivSupport. Our Access database skills helped them.
VibrAlign Richmond, Virginia Distributor of Vibration Analysis equipment to manufacturing firms. Access database connects to outlook to schedule training and equipment deliveries for that training. Connects to Navision to retrieve customer and contact information. This Access database also integrates heavily with Microsoft Outlook, providing both calendaring and email functionality VibraAlign is in Richmond VA and has clients across the country including Texas, California, Utah, Colorado, New York, Florida and Illinois.
Roofing Consulting Services Richmond, Virginia Commercial Roof Consulting Firm. The Company sends crews across the country to photograph and notate deficiencies in commercial roofs. That data is centrally collected, entered into the Access Database we support, and generates complex, 70 page .pdf file reports. The database gives the user the options to manipulate the sections of the reports prior to creating the .pdfs. We use VBA code to automate the .pdf file creation process.
Naval Laboratory Waldorf, Maryland The Naval Research Laboratory in Waldorf, MD contacted us to build an inventory database. This Access Database handles the entire process of purchasing and inventorying all items on the base including all test equipment used at the Naval Research Laboratory. We all use hand scanner so complete physical inventories on base that stores/forwards information to the Access Database.
Capital One - Art Richmond, Virginia Build Access database for Fortune 500 credit card company. Database tracks artwork throughout company. About Capital One: We are a Top 10 U.S. bank, with the strength and stability to meet the needs of your business. Our Commercial Banking group services a $65 billion loan portfolio and more than 6,100 clients. Let us show you the difference our partnership and proven experience can make.
WSI Web Strategies Midlothian, Virginia Subcontract build Access & Web applications to Pack & Ride and Vatex and a Soccer Association. We subcontracted to WSI Web Strategies to help their clients. Both are in Richmond, Virginia
Burgess & Co. Richmond, Virginia Fix Access database for accounting firm
UpTime Solutions Professional Services Group Richmond, Virginia Quality tracking and improvement Access database for a manufacturing firm: Greystone in Toano, VA (near Westpoint and Williamsburg). This application receives multiple excel files throughout the day that are produced from quality control machiney in the plant. The excel files are imported to the Access database automatically. The Access database scrolls through the excel files, parsing out the relevant information from the excel file and appends the relevant data points to a table that is then used to run monthly and quarterly quality control reports. The data is pertinent to the automobile manufacturing process and determines which production batches should or should not be accepted for Greystones automobile manufacturing clients. We built this database through our strategic partner: Uptime Solutions, a premier network integration and engineering firm in Richmond, VA and Tampa, FL.
Epitome Systems Baltimore, Maryland Subcontract to Fix Access database for determining hospital emergency room time differentials for their client Bon Secours in Baltimore, MD. This Access database is used to track efficiency of the emergency room operation at Hospitals for Bon Secours. The various stages of a patient's visit are tracked and the minutes recorded for moving through each stage of the emergency room visit. This database uses extensive Forms that have built to provide the quickest data entry possible for the user.
Capital One - JLL. Glen Allen, Virginia Build Access database for Fortune 500 credit card company. Real estate project management for west creek buildout
Ritchie & Associates Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Ritchie is a management consulting firm that was working for Fortune 500 firm Meadwestvaco (now WestRock). They were advising the paper and packaging firm to build an historical demand based Access Database. This Access database was used to manage inventory for their paper packaging manufacturing client: MeadWestvaco (Fortune 500) in Richmond, VA. It incorporated not only ERP fed historical demand, but also provided advanced logistic support to this Paper and packaging corporation. This Access database determined optimim supply levels in plants and warehouses throughout the US including Maine, North Carolina, Ohio, California, Texas, Colorado, Washington, Oregon, and Michigan.
DEKRA Certification, Inc. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania From the Dekra Website (https://www.dekra-consulting.com/en/process-optimisation): We have a proven track record improving quality, business performance, people skills, workflows and processes of our global clients. Today our team serves a variety of industrial clients, but the core of our expertise was built in the role of preferred partner to the global automotive industry. Our strong international presence, industry expertise and close ties with the automotive trade result in high recognition amongst manufacturers, importers, dealers, independent repairer chains, suppliers and automotive service providers. The Access Database they use is the backbone of their USA practice. It tracks clients, consultants, and the status of consulting project/engagements. We took their back end Access tables and converted them to MySQL tables. We then migrated the data from the current Access database to the MySQL tables. DEKRA consulting is in Philadelphia, PA. Now DEKRA's employees may easily use the database across the country and the world. We provided the Free Microsoft Access quote for this project and then did the work
Simpson Strong-Tie Co. Inc. Baltimore, Maryland Built New Batch process tracking Access database to manage the production and shipping of batches. Simpson Strong Tie is a Fortune 500 company that strategically uses Access Database to manage department activities
Gateway Global Delivery Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Gateway provides logistics services to their clients. The Access database we modified for them imports data files from FedEx. This data is then manipulated into complex invoices to send to Gateway's clients. This access database improves the efficiency of the overall organization. We were the Access database consultants for this project.
Mulit Interest Services Group Richmond, Virginia MISC is a company that services the Import / Export industry. They specialize in getting your goods into the United States and out of the United states. The Access Database we've built tracks the process of containers coming in and out of the country including invoicing, transportation, payments, warehousing, etc.
NTS Richmond, Virginia Subcontracted to build Access & SQL server databases to the Virginia Lottery, the Virginia Beach Fire Department, Townes Engineering, EHS Laboratories and more
Bimbo Bakeries Glen Allen, Virginia Build Access Database to track tax related accounting expenses. From wikipedia: Bimbo Bakeries USA is the American corporate arm of the Mexican multinational bakery product manufacturing company Grupo Bimbo. It is the largest bakery company in the United States. The company, headquartered in Horsham, Pennsylvania, a suburb of Philadelphia, owns six of the top twelve fresh bread brands in the United States, including Entenmann's, Sara Lee, and Thomas. It is also a top advertising sponsor for many major soccer teams around the globe.
Strategic Technology Systems Richmond, Virginia An Access database with a SQL Server back end was already in place at CeMark, STS's client. We were asked to migrate the data file to a new version of SQL Server and modify the existing Access database with a bunch of punch list items.
Capital One - Poseidon's Chariot, CapEx Glen Allen, Virginia Build Access database for Fortune 500 credit card company.
Tredegar Corporation Richmond, Virginia About Tredegar: Deeply rooted in manufacturing, Tredegar Corporation is a global operating company with industry-leading businesses in the plastic films and aluminum extrusions markets. We were engaged through one of our strategic partners to help Tredegar manage a special bonus functionality in the Human Resource department. We've built many commission and bonus related Access databases in a variety of firms including Fortune 500 Altria and more, so we were well positioned to referred to Tredegar for this Microsoft Access database consulting engagement. Tredegar has a Lotus 123 spreadsheet (yes! Lotus 123) for keeping track of retired employees and the distributions those employees choose to take out of their retirement. Tredegar asked us to convert this Lotus 123 Spreadsheet into an Access Database. The new Access 2013 database will replace the Lotus 123 spreadsheet functionality of managing and administrating this human resource function of retired employee distributions. We were the Microsoft Access Database consultants for this project
Convergent Business Solutions LLC Richmond, Virginia Partner to build Access database for their Retirement Home client: Virginia Baptist Homes, a retirement community. We modified this existing Access 2007 database for the IT manager of VA Baptist Homes. The database receives daily text files from the retirement home's phone systems (6 geographic retirement home locations). The 6 text files are imported, staged, scrubbed and processed into consolidated, individual invoices for the members of the retirement community. The receive monthly bills for the phone calls they make / receive. We provided the Microsoft Access Database help for this project
Capital One - CVA PM Glen Allen, Virginia Build Access database for Fortune 500 credit card company. Database tracks projects
Hospital Hospitality House Richmond, Virginia Developed Access database for charity hotel organization. This hotel management application interacts with both a Topaz Signature pad for capturing hotel guest signatures as well as Adobe Acrobat and for producing .pdf files.
Sycom Technologies Richmond, Virginia Subcontract to build Access databases for their clients Fire Life Safety America (Mechanical Engineering), Henrico County public utilities, and Arcet Welding Supply & CO2 distributors in Richmond, VA
AVB Solutions Richmond, Virginia We were subcontracted to build Access database for their healthcare client: Veteran's Hospital in Richmond, VA. This Access database helped hospitals run their operations as was rolled out to a consortium of healthcare operations in Virginia, Maryland, and DC.
Assura, Inc. Richmond, Virginia The purpose of this project was to develop a database for Assura that calculates the Residual Risk for vulnerabilities defined by clients of Assura. Scope: The project is expected to be developed using 8 tables, 9 forms, 1 report (actually the function to link the results to a MS Word document). Queries will be developed as needed to complete each object. Each form will be reviewed with the customer upon completion. Some of the functions may be incomplete at that time as it may be dependent upon completion of other objects. The review will be done to secure approval for the layout of the form as well as the functions that are working at the time of review.
Capital One - HR/IDS McLean, Virginia Build Access database for Fortune 500 credit card company. Human resources database
Children's Health Involving Parents Richmond, Virginia Fix Access database for charity organization
France Environmental Richmond, Virginia Importing leads from Peachtree And Outlook to generate sales/marketing emails that come from the Access Database and Integrate with Outlook. This is an Access database that manages the environmental compliance training classes that France Environmental offers their clients. We've built Outlook import process for both inbox and contacts. We've also built email functionality with attachments from within the Access Database.
Capital One - IT PMO McLean, Virginia Developed an Access database for Fortune 500 credit card company. This Access database collects department budget data from department heads across the company and consolidates that information for a master annual budget. Capital One is a financial corporation for which we have built 14 Access Databases
Burnstone Computer Services Richmond, Virginia Subcontract to build Access databases for associations and retirement home management: Masons of Virginia. This Access database keeps track of the membership for the Virginia Masons. It provides invoicing functions and tracks the current positions of each Mason within their lodges.
Archadeck Richmond, Virginia Build Access database to determine pricing for residential construction company - deck building
Bigge Crane Richmond, Virginia Fix Access database for Crane Construction company
623 Landfill Richmond, Virginia Build Landfill Environmental Access database Landfill's have to meet State and Federal Environmental requirements and report on these requirements quarterly and annually. This Access database allows the users to easily record, maintain and report to meet these requirements. The 623 landfill is located in the Rockville/Manakin area of Richmond, VA
VBS Material Handling Richmond, Virginia MS Access / SQL Server database to manage material handling distributor company's contracts and Bills of Lading
Rocktenn Corporation Environmental database Richmond, Virginia Built Access database for environmental manager to track waste disposal
Health Savings Administrators, LLC Richmond, Virginia MS Access/SQL Server database to manage backoffice Medical Insurance practice management
Sands Anderson Marks & Miller Richmond, Virginia Fixed Access database for attorney firm's real estate division tracking property permits
ATC Panels Franklin, Virginia Built Access database for manufacturing plant tracking production efficiency
Altria - HR Richmond, Virginia Fix Access Database to report on premium payments for benefits department
APTCO Richmond, Virginia Build Access database
Bill Judge and Associates Richmond, Virginia Build Access database to import .csv files of clients for Insurance Agent.
Capital One - SarbOx Richmond, Virginia Build Access database for Fortune 500 credit card company.
Capital One - Reservations Richmond, Virginia Build Access database for Fortune 500 credit card company.
Capital Advisory Group Richmond, Virginia Build Access database for reporting on portfolio of investment performance
Apex Systems, Inc. Glen Allen, Virginia Build SQL Server database for staffing company
Allen, Allen, Allen & Allen Richmond, Virginia Fix Access Database for Personal Injury Attorney Firm
Capital One - Team Trident Richmond, Virginia Build Access database for Fortune 500 credit card company.
Angler Environmental Richmond, Virginia Build Access database to track environmental impact of construction projects
Capital One - Employee History Richmond, Virginia Build Access database for Fortune 500 credit card company
Capital One - ARC Richmond, Virginia Build Access database for Fortune 500 credit card company
Capital One - IT Finance Richmond, Virginia Build Access database for Fortune 500 credit card company
ARB Journal Richmond, Virginia Build web application with .NET and SQL Server
Arc3 Richmond, Virginia Build Access database for CO2 distributor to track orders and delivery schedule
BonSecours Baltimore Baltimore, Maryland Fix Access database for determining hospital emergency room time differentials
Virginia Community Policing Institute Richmond, Virginia Virginia Community Policing Institute provides training material to police organization across the United States. We worked with them to build and Access database that would track which individuals received what training. This database also reminds VCPI that training is about to expire for certain individuals.
McCammon Group Richmond, Virginia build Web Application managing scheduling of attorneys, coordinating meetings
Ball Corporation Staunton, Virginia Fix Access database for Aluminum products manufacturer. Database tracks orders and shipments. Second database request to fix quality management database.
LOMC, LLC Richmond, Virginia Build Web Application - Referral network
GUSA Soccer Richmond, Virginia Build Web Application to manage registrations
Virginia Hospital & Healthcare Association Glen Allen, Virginia This is an Association Management database that manages the entire organization. Virginia Hospital & Healthcare Association is a group of Hospitals that lobbys the Virginia State Government. This Access database produces an online directory of members, keeps track of which members are in which House and Senate districts, emails the members and invoices the members.
Capital One - Poseidon's Chariot Glen Allen, Virginia Build Access database for Fortune 500 credit card company. Annual Budgeting tool
Allied Environmental Richmond, Virginia Build Access Database for Environmental Engineer
At Home Care Richmond, Virginia Build Web Application to manage Doctor sign off process
Pack & Ride Richmond, Virginia Build Web Application to manage logistics of container delivery to clients
University of Virginia Charlottesville, Virginia The University of Virginia asked us to build an Access Database to track the training of it's employees. We consulted with them and considered one of our previous training tracking databases. We built them an Access Database from scratch. The University of Virginia is in Charlottesville, Virginia.
Capital One - Plass Richmond, Virginia Build Access database for Fortune 500 credit card company
Capital One - CRE Finance Glen Allen, Virginia Build Access database for Fortune 500 credit card company
Dealer Auto Direct Richmond, Virginia Build Web application that managed inventory flow among multiple dealers
Affinity Group Underwriters Glen Allen, Virginia Fix Access Database for Insurance Company
Advanous a division of Enterbridge Glen Allen, Virginia Fix Access Database
Advanced Printing Richmond, Virginia Fix Access Database Advanced Printing is a full service printing firm in Richmond Virginia. They have an Access database for label making. They needed to do some advanced text concatenation in order to make labels properly for one of their clients. We've have a lot of experience handling .csv downloads into Access databases and scrubbing/manipulating the data. This experience was useful getting Advanced printing the Access database
Capital One - M. Maynes Richmond, Virginia Build Access database for Fortune 500 credit card company
WestRock Glen Allen, Virginia Build Access database for Fortune 500 paper and packaging company. Database manages 1 Billion of Inventory
Boone Homes, Inc. Manakin-Sabot, Virginia Build access database for residential home builder: Warranty Management
Crenshaw Corporation Richmond, Virginia Build Access database for scheduling Truck Body work
Capital One - MTR Glen Allen, Virginia Built Access database for Fortune 500 credit card company
Brown Distributing Company Richmond, Virginia Build Access database for beer distributor. Database provides desired reports from company's accounting system
All Faith Consortium Washington, District of Columbia Fix SQL Server Database
Ensafe Williamsburg, Virginia Subcontracted to build a web application/SQL Server database for their Military client: Camp Peary, Department of Defense, CIA training in Williamsburg, VA. This database tracks the hazardous materials brought onto the military base, the current inventory levels of those hazardous materials, and the disposal of the hazardous materials. The Access database produces the annual reports required by the Environmental Protection Agency including Form R and Tier I and Tier II reports. We were the Microsoft Access Database consultants for this project
Shaheen & Shaheen Richmond, Virginia Creating and modifying Access database for marketing purposes
Sycom Technologies Richmond, Virginia Access Database to track Employee Stock Distributions. Sycom's client, Tredegar Industries, needed to get out of a Lotus 123 Spreadsheet and into an Access database. We converted they're advanced Lotus Macros and now they create distributions, deposits, etc. for their stock plan with the new Access database. We were the Microsoft Access Database programmers for this project


Our Process

  1. Discovery Conversation
  2. Agree to scope of work
  3. Test plan creation
  4. Iterative database development with client input
  5. Database rough draft delivery
  6. Database final implementation
  7. Database user documents
  8. Database developer documents