Valentines Day Code

In honor of Valentines Day, here is how a guy would calculate how much to spend on Valentine’s Day

Function fncHowMuchMoneyToSpendOnDate(iYearsTogether As Integer, ynMarried As Boolean, ynTryingToImpressHer As Boolean) As Variant

    Dim curMoneyForFlowers As Currency
    Dim curMoneyForChocolates As Currency
    Dim curMoneyForDinner As Currency
    Select Case ynTryingToImpressHer
        Case True
            Dim iMultiplier As Integer
            If iYearsTogether <= 1 Then
                iMultiplier = 2
            ElseIf ynMarried = True And iYearsTogether >= 9 Then
                iMultiplier = 10
                iMultiplier = iYearsTogether + 1
            End If
            curMoneyForFlowers = 50
            curMoneyForChocolates = 25
            curMoneyForDinner = 100
            fncHowMuchMoneyToSpendOnDate = (curMoneyForFlowers + curMoneyForChocolates + curMoneyForDinner) * iMultiplier
        Case False
            fncHowMuchMoneyToSpendOnDate = "As little as possible"
    End Select

End Function
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