Did you know? Mail Merge in Word

Mail merges in Microsoft Word are an old tool that a majority of business men and women have used in the past.  If you are sending out letters to your customers, clients, partners, suppliers, or just about anyone else, a mail merge will let you create letters with their names, addresses, contact information, and a number of other fields filled in.  You just design the word document, put the mail merge fields where you want them to go, and type in a list of people it should go to.

Did you know, however, that you can link a mail merge in Word to an existing Microsoft Access database?  If you use an Access Database to manage your contacts or customers, or even if you have a Access powered POS system that tracks orders and billing information, you can set up a mail merge to draw directly from that data.

In Word, when you are putting in the list of recipients, you are presented with the choice of using an existing list.  This list can be in a number of formats, including a Microsoft Access Database.  You just browse to that Access Database, select it, and choose the table that holds all of your customer contact information.  If your database developer used proper naming conventions, it should be a relatively easy task to determine which table that information is stored in.  From there, your mail merge will work just like normal.

You can use this same process to create custom labels, invoices (if you are not doing it through your database already), order forms, and more.

Did you know that?

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