Closing all open forms except certain forms

I had a tough time accomplishing this one and my final solution isn’t elegant at all!

I wanted to close all currently open forms except the main menu.  And if the main menu wasn’t open, I wanted to open it at the end of the routine.

 I used the Forms collection to inspect all of the currently opened forms.  I compared the name of the form to two hard coded names that I didn’t want to close (one of which was the form calling this routine).

 But the challenge I encountered was that once a form was closed, the overall collection seems to have changed so that the next time the loop is iterated, a previous form in the collection was being skipped!

 My crappy solution was to simply run the entire routine 5 times which should capture all forms eventually.

I know there must be a better solution, but I simply don’t have the time for elegance on this project and my solution runs so darn quickly, the user will never know.

 Private Sub cmdContinue_Click()

     DoCmd.RunCommand acCmdSaveRecord

      Dim frm As Form

    Dim i As Integer

       For Each frm In Forms

        Debug.Print frm.Name



    Debug.Print “—————————————————————————————————————————————————”



    For i = 1 To 5

        Debug.Print “LOOP: ” & i


        For Each frm In Forms

            Debug.Print “   ” & frm.Name

            If frm.Name = “frm_MainMenu” Or frm.Name = “frmadm95Choose Case” Then  ‘don’t close the main menu

                Debug.Print “    – form not closed: ” & frm.Name


                Debug.Print “    – trying to close form: ” & frm.Name

                DoCmd.Close acForm, frm.Name

            End If



       If nz(Me!cboCase) = 0 Then

        MsgBox “You must choose a case.”



           DoCmd.Close acForm, Me.Name

        DoCmd.OpenForm “frm_MainMenu”

    End If

End Sub

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