Subreport Hell

So, a new item found today (actually found a week or so ago):  Problems linking reports/subreports.

I went to link a subreport to a main report just like I’d done many, many times before:  I dragged a pre-created subreport onto a main report.  Both reports already had the linking field in their record source.  Both linking fields were the same data type (actually, the same field name as well).  So, everything was set up perfectly.

Surprise, surprise:  When I took a look at the ‘Link Master Field’/’Link Child Field’ properties of the subreport, they were blank (previous versions of Access would have filled this in for me).  So, I patiently clicked the ‘…’ button on the ‘Link Master Field’ property to bring up the linking window.  Much to my disappointment, again the link was not prepopulated like the good old days.  But what was worse, it wouldn’t recognize my desired choice.  I’ve screen printed the popup window after I fixed ’cause I couldn’t get it to recreate exactly.

I then proceeded to play with this issue for at least 3 hours.  Yes, I searched google for explanations but to no avail (hence this blog entry).  Please see the attached .xls file that explains the problem and how it was solved.  I think pictures are much more helpful, don’t you?

Eventually, I went back to the main report’s record source, added the TransactionID (Master link field) a SECOND time and then used this new field (default name:  exp1000) to perform the link.  That worked!   Why???!!!!  I don’t know.  Ask the genius at Microsoft that threw together MS Access 2007 without testing it and apparently without asking any 15+ year veterans what they thought of it!

Sorry to be so angry.  But who’s going to pay for my 3 hours of wasted time?  I am, that’s who.

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